Reimagining Artist Development & Public Experiment

Agora now is a growing international artist-led movement that reimagines artistic development and public experiment in the performing arts – exploring alternative ways of creating, working and exchanging.

We’re the catalysts for a global network of hubs and spaces that inspire fresh connections between performing artists, local citizens and public action. These city spaces and their surrounding neighbourhoods are home to our unique three-month ‘slow’ artist residencies and interactive public programmes.

The agora now artist network gathers regularly online to share ideas, knowledge and to empower each other to have more control over our economic and production environment.

Today, we are 300 artists representing 49 nations. Tomorrow, together, we will be more.

Dust by Patricia Okenwa

Spaces & Residencies

Global slow residencies for artists and citizens.

Liquid Becomings

Network & People

agora is a movement of like-minded members. Join us today.

Liquid Becomings

Liquid Becomings

Liquid Becomings is The European Pavilion 2024.

Amparo González Sola © Sebastian Arpesella

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agora’s values


Awareness / Diversity / Resistance / Experimentation / Co-ownership